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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


A couple hours outside of London is the second oldest University in the English speaking world. Scholars from Oxford founded Cambridge in 1209 after they got in a fight with the locals or chavs and had to leave. More recently Cambridge decided to let my little sister Rachael attend their storied learning institution.

There are many different colleges that make up Cambridge among them are Jesus college, King’s college and the one my sis attends which is know as Pembroke. My sisters dorm room is on the second floor to the right of the middle door…

Here are the stairs to her room – worn down of hundreds of years of drunks stumbling to the dorm with loose women from the nunnery.

After finals each college hits their alumni up for a couple of million pounds and throws the most bitch parties they can think of… We picked my sister up the morning after one of these fabulous parties. Here we are on a bridge that she was floating on the night before.

Here are some shots of all the old buildings….


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