Generated Image Erik Nordby: July 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


A couple hours outside of London is the second oldest University in the English speaking world. Scholars from Oxford founded Cambridge in 1209 after they got in a fight with the locals or chavs and had to leave. More recently Cambridge decided to let my little sister Rachael attend their storied learning institution.

There are many different colleges that make up Cambridge among them are Jesus college, King’s college and the one my sis attends which is know as Pembroke. My sisters dorm room is on the second floor to the right of the middle door…

Here are the stairs to her room – worn down of hundreds of years of drunks stumbling to the dorm with loose women from the nunnery.

After finals each college hits their alumni up for a couple of million pounds and throws the most bitch parties they can think of… We picked my sister up the morning after one of these fabulous parties. Here we are on a bridge that she was floating on the night before.

Here are some shots of all the old buildings….

Monday, July 10, 2006

I Gotta Lotta Bitches to Plow

So we went to dinner at Roaul's in NYC and there was JOhnny Knowville having the Steak au Poivre with an Asain gal. So after dinner we went to the Parkiside to see our friend Mike O'connel perform. And wouldn't you know it in walks Johnny Knoxville and he starts playing pool and not watching my friend perform.So if Johnny id wishing he had watched the show here's a tasts.


A bipolar cabbie reeling from divorce and a restraining order that bars him from his son writes a book of guidelines and rules that he wants to pass onto to his son. The diatribes are mixed in with the routes a driver must know in London to be a cabbie - known as the knowledge. He buries the book in his son’s backyard and in 500 years after the great disaster some poor surviving souls unbury the book and base their religion and culture on the misogynistic rants of Dave Redmond. Will Self is a twisted man who twists the life of a slug in modern London with a Geezer or home spun prophet who seeks to reveal the true nature of Dave to a world of fundamental Davists. The book is hard to read because half of it is set in the future that has it's own language that one can only understand after slugging through half the book. There is a glossary in the back of the book but who has time for that non-sense.

The best term of the book is "Toyist" which the glossary defines as fake, unreal or Taboo.
The book of Dave is all of the above and a great mind fuck to boot.

Broken Social Scene

Introduced to me a 2 year's ago by Matt Hickey from High Road Entainment Broken Social Scene continues to impress.

This video featuring a TDK tape playing, a man wearinga zebra mask in the back seat of a car and the lead singers rubbing their heads in eachother's critch is truely inspiring.

Poodle Workout

The Poodle Fitness video was supposedly made by Marika Takahashi for Panasonic for their 2006 Winter Olympics promotion (who says the Winter Olympics are worthless?). Takahashi felt that the poodles are inherently buff, thereby breaking down all cultural boundaries.

Those Crazy Japanese

AAAAHHHH my first day working for Current TV looking for videos to put up on their new Broadband TV channel. I'm working on finding Health videos and this is by far the most twisted and entertaining. It's from a show called Zuikan English that I guess teaches English to the Japenese - preparing them to say the right thing when they're being held up while riding in their cab in manhattan. Maybe some of you are familiar but for me this is a whole new world of entettainment. "Take what you want don't hurt me!"

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Motzart's Birthday

Who knew it was Motzart's 250th birthday! I was there in Sloane square where those crafty Brits donned pastey white faces and powder wigs to get cheeky with the lady guests.

It was a street party held in a neighborhood where the classical genius is said to have writtenhis first symphony at age 9. A tender age when most of us are just learning to play with ourselves this guy was arranging the string section to kick ass perfection. We drank champagne and listened to classical music and bought flowers... Really exciting stuff!