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Monday, June 19, 2006

Feel The Vortex - Sedona Arizona

2 hours North of Phoenix in Red Rock country is the small town of Sedona Arizona. Known for it's beautiful vistas, world-class spas and it's spiritual Vortex's. Yes they say Vortex's and vortices and they say they are places where you are surrounded in spiritual energy like there was a tornado of the stuff swirling around you. I looked them up on the Internet before I left and quizzed everyone I met that had been to Sedona before about the Vortex's and asked what they had felt. I thought they were sort of a secret, but quickly learned that everyone knew of them and there were even signs on the roads to that guided you to the most prominent of the vortexes.

My girlfriend Melanie and I made our way to the Airport Vortex on our first day. We drove up the mountain road towards the airport and found the parking lot to the path that lead up a short plateau to where the Vortex is located. It was sunset and we were tired and the wedding we had just attended in Phoenix had worn us out. In a bit of a tiff we parked our car and began venting our feelings. We let out our emotions and started feeling an unusual calm. We concluded that were feeling the Vortex and liked it.


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