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Friday, October 07, 2005

Franz Ferdinand

The Band from Glasgow came on stage in a flash of purple. They are full of Indie guitar riffs with an euro pop feel... Big Bright and introspective. They have their rock star posturing down to a science, but it’s all done tongue in cheek. At the end of the show four giant spinning canvases featured 20-foot high pictures of themselves looking very serious spun to around. AAAhhh yes I‘m back in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium where this kind of stagecraft is only possible in San Francisco.

The band has four members. Lead guitar, Rhythm, bass, drums and synth keys player. During songs where individual members weren’t playing they left the stage. Clearly the guitar players are the heart of the entertainment, jumping around the stage, leading the crowd into clapping along, holding their pic hand high after striking a chord and of course the fabulous rock star guitar kick. All don every well. These bands from the islands north of the continent (uk and Scotland) are not afraid of being performers. Like the Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand was not ashamed to Rock out with their cocks out and demand that you do the same.
The crowd consisted of boys wearing tight jeans and tee shirts with skinny ties around their necks or designer jeans with retro tees and the ubiquitous thrift store sport coat. The girls wearing black jeans and tube tops or at least tanks with perilously plunging cleavage with now bra. Lot’s of color in hair all over the place. Lot’s of teens there also with their parents, but generally a 20-30 crowd.

It was a hot show. They have you dancing all night long and their catchy songs have you singing along even if you’ve never heard the tune. Their new album is out now and everybody is loving it.


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